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Analisa Cordova Silverstein for El Paso City Council District 1

Community Leader
Innovative Businesswoman
Fourth-Generation El Pasoan

Early Voting November 30 - December 13

Election Day is Saturday, December 17!

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Analisa is the only candidate with a proven record of fighting corruption and improving the quality of life for El Pasoans.

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Stories from District 1

Let's Win this for West El Paso

We’ve knocked on doors, we’ve made calls, we’ve held events, and now we need you to let everyone you know in District 1 to come out and vote!

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Why District 1 Residents are Voting for Analisa

I am proud and honored to receive the support of District 1 residents, leaders, and other organizations.

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We Need More Women to Go Vote

So far only 1.5% of registered voters in District 1 have gone to the polls for this runoff election. The majority are men. There is a lot at stake for women too, so make sure you plan to go vote.

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Representation Matters

Last Wednesday, my grandfather, Ruben B. Salcido, went up to heaven and we gained another angel. I have learned so much from him and am grateful that I was able to have a wonderful example of what it was like to serve my community.

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Meeting the Neighborhoods

The best thing about block walking has been meeting the neighbors.

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I am not a stranger to hard work

I am ready to serve the community and this is how I am going to do it.

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We Invest in People

A strong campaign needs a strong team. I have invested my campaign contributions in creating jobs for young people.

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Kids Share What’s Really Important to Them

On April 30, Analisa hosted a Kids Day Rally at the Westside Community Park. She set up games and activities where kids could share what they love about El Paso and what is most important to them. They voted with stickers and drew pictures of what they love about El Paso.

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

For the last month, I’ve been participating in forums, and interviews, and have filled out questionnaires so voters will know me better. Below is a list of links to available questionnaires.

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A Family Who Votes

If my 95-year-old grandmother can remember to vote, so can you!

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About Analisa

“I am committed to supporting safe neighborhoods, supporting open spaces and parks; and making sure we are being fiscally responsible with our taxpayer money while continuing the momentum in building a more economically competitive El Paso.”

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About Analisa Cordova Silverstein


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District 1 Overview: From the Mountains to the Valley